Managing Directors

Julie Patterson and Philip Laidlaw are the founding Managing Directors of Therapy Pro. Through more than ten years of close collaboration, they have built a warm and powerful working relationship and a reputation as innovators and leaders in the disability sector.
two people smile at the camera they are proud and happy to lead Therapy Pro

Together they have extensive experience in leadership and governance, service model design, learning and development and culture and change. Motivated to create an organisation from the ground up that was free of limitations, Julie and Phil designed a unique operating model that would deliver outstanding outcomes and disrupt the therapy market – and Therapy Pro was established.

“We wanted to create an organisation with a vibrant culture, where excellence really matters. And one where everyone understands that excellence is defined by the experience of the people we support – not by how qualified or clever we are”, explains Julie.

Despite coming from different backgrounds and life experiences, together Julie and Phil provide vision and direction for Therapy Pro rooted deeply in their shared values. Their leadership underpins every decision at Therapy Pro.

Julie’s experience of managing her three children’s early intervention while living remotely in the Pilbara ignited a desire to help other families achieve the same.

“It was all new for my husband and I as we came to understand the support our kids needed to achieve their potential. It took a while but over time we pulled together a therapy team who were willing to work in the collaborative way we wanted, and who recognised that we, as the parents, were at least as important as the therapists. Not every therapist wants to work that way. But when you find those who do – who are willing to just be part of a team rather than an expert advisor… anything is possible.”

Motivated by a desire to change and shape the way therapy is delivered, Phil draws on his experience of working as an occupational therapist.

“My first OT job was in one of Queensland’s last large institutions. Over the years there I learned a lot about what people’s lives are like when support isn’t individualised and there’s little access to everyday opportunities. Our old models were unfair and just not good enough. That experience still motivates me to imagine a better future, and Therapy Pro for me is a chance to play a part in creating that new world.”

“The best outcomes in human services seem to emerge when workers are supported to connect to their true calling and do their best work. The future should be full of workplaces that are inspiring, lively, supportive and connected. The basic principle is that we’re here to serve, so let’s listen and adapt to the specific needs of each person we’re serving… and do our absolute best to excel. And our job as leaders is to foster an environment where that can happen.”

After just two years in business Therapy Pro has grown from a small organisation to now employ over 150 therapists and central office staff and has provided flexible, individualised therapy to more than 5000 people.

“We’re so pleased with the way Therapy Pro works with the people who use our services, and so impressed every day by our amazing work group”, says Julie. “Our plan is to keep improving and working to have the biggest positive impact we possibly can on the sector, through direct services, partnerships and by sharing what we are learning”.


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