Meet the Therapy Pro Therapists for the Gold Coast

An image of Simone Brown is an occupational therapist with Therapy Pro on the Gold Coast.

Simone Brown, occupational therapist

Simone Brown brings to Therapy Pro clients the rare combination of professional skills and knowledge and practical lived experience.

An occupational therapist, Simone can help you improve daily living functions—like bathing, dressing, toileting, eating, community access and leisure activities —through assessment and appropriately tailored intervention.

She also helps clients with aids and equipment assessments and may make recommendations for minor modifications at home to improve independence and safety.

Simone is both passionate and well-experienced in helping improve social participation for clients with sensory processing challenges.

While much of her OT work has been with adults, Simone has oodles of experience in supporting children to gain greater independence and get involved in their ‘everyday’. She was a disability support worker for ten years, working with infants and pre-schoolers and their families, and a family day care worker before that. Simone also has personal lived experience supporting a family member with a disability.

“I believe in building rapport and actively listening, to understand what’s important—what matters—to the individual, to best assist a client achieve what is important to them” she says.

“Collaboratively empowering a person to be able to do the things important to them, such as putting on socks independently, can be a huge confidence booster and is a very rewarding aspect of my professional career.”

Simone is a graduate of the University of the Southern Cross.

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An image of Danni French is a social worker on the Gold Coast with Therapy Pro

Danni French, social worker

Therapy Pro Gold Coast team member Danielle French seeks to support clients live their ‘everyday’ to their best, every day.

As a social worker, Danni supports children and adults overcome personal difficulties and structural barriers so that they experience inclusion, involvement and independence in home, school, work and community life.

She has specific expertise dealing with children and adolescents’ issues and needs, particularly those with cognitive disabilities (including autism spectrum disorder).

“Life is not black and white. There are greys. Sometimes the greys seem incomprehensible. I take time to answer the ‘why’,” Danni says.

Danni has worked in the disability sector in England and Australia for more than a decade as a disability support worker, teacher (early childhood and special needs) and social worker.

She draws on those varied work roles to offer practical guidance and skills to handle issues that can hurt and confuse—including bullying and inappropriate sexualised behaviour.

She’s also well-connected on the Gold Coast, with a bulging ‘little black book’ of support groups and services with whom to connect clients and their families.

Danni is a Griffith University graduate.

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An image of Sarah Shah is a psychologist (provisional) with Therapy Pro's Gold Coast team.

Sarah Shah, psychologist (provisional)

Sarah Shah has always been one of those people who others—even complete strangers—have felt they could open up to and share their deepest concerns and darkest thoughts.

That’s what prompted her to become a psychologist, adding scientifically proven skills and structure to her innate caring nature.

Sarah works with children, teenagers and adults and can help Therapy Pro clients with psychological assessments and interventions, behavioural support and advice including writing and developing Positive Behaviour Support Plans, individual and family counselling and psychometric assessments.

She often works with clients who, due to depression or anxiety, feel hopeless, and is drawn to helping people dealing with complex trauma.

“It’s an alternative way of guiding the brain away from certain rigid thought processes and patterns,” says Sarah, who is a passionate singer-songwriter.

“Combined with psychologically-based techniques, I find psychosensory therapy incorporates the best parts of everything—structure, freedom, and even humming or singing at times!”

“It’s an honour to work with a client who has been weighed down by feelings and circumstances, to assist them in unravelling their emotional challenges and see the heaviness lift”.

Sarah is a Bond University graduate. She holds a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) and a Bachelor of Psychological Sciences with Honours.

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An image of Kate Chalker is a speech and language pathologist who works for Therapy Pro in Brisbane region.

Kate Chalker, speech and language pathologist

Therapy Pro’s Kate Chalker is a second-generation champion of disability rights, inspired by family to pursue a therapy career that could have life-changing impacts.

Kate chose to study speech and language pathology after seeing the difference it made for a young cousin born with a cleft palate.

“I saw his personality grow, and his confidence too, as he conquered speech difficulties and I still feel pride in the effort put in to achieve hard-won results,” she says.

As a speech and language pathologist, Kate evaluates a client’s speech, language, fluency, literacy, voice and swallowing skills and develops an individualised plan to address development or disorders.

Her expertise extends to non-verbal communications, helping clients choose assistive technologies that can positively affect the rest of their lives.

Kate brings a variety of experiences to her role with Therapy Pro. In working with children, she’s undertaken many assessments of age-appropriate milestones as well as screening of children for autism spectrum disorder diagnosis. Work with adults has included helping people learn how to swallow safely after experiencing stroke, traumatic brain injury or cancers of the head and neck.

Communication is a two-way street. While Kate has helped adult clients reconnect with those around them using assistive technologies, she’s also worked with their partners, helping family, friends and carers better communicate too.

Kate is a graduate of Charles Sturt University in Albury.

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An image of Shradha Haria is an occupational therapist with Therapy Pro.

Shradha Haria, occupational therapist

Occupational therapist Shradha Haria believes that every life matters and therefore everyone deserves a chance to maximise their potential and achieve various goals each individual sets throughout their life span.

A genuine smile and a caring touch is worth a million. Shradha believes the importance of acknowledging various cultures in service provision.

Shradha has broad and varied experience including working with children and adults with learning, intellectual and physical disabilities.

She utilises various methodologies involving; prescription of equipment and assistive devices, home modifications, exploring suitable housing, using sensory based and neuro-cognitive approaches to enable individuals to increase their capacity to live meaningful and purposeful lives.

Shrada helps people improve daily living functions, through assessment and appropriately tailored intervention. This can include developmental, sensory, mobility, postural, and safe travel assessments and interventions. She also helps clients with aids and equipment assessments and recommendations and identifying suitable housing.  

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Lina Kohler Holma, speech and language pathologist

Lina Kohler Holma, speech and language pathologist

For Therapy Pro speech and language pathologist Lina Kohler Holma, making a big difference in the lives of her Ipswich clients can be a subtle nod of a head.

Swedish-born Lina has travelled extensively around Australia, studied in Adelaide, now calls Brisbane home and Ipswich her workplace.

With a passion for improving the quality of life for people with a disability, Lina believes that communication is key and even a small change can make a huge difference.

Through her work, Lina hopes to find new ways for those with disabilities to find their voice by using alternative ways to communicate and with the right support from their communication partners.

“It feels amazing to know that I can make a difference in someone’s life by giving them the mechanisms to say what they want or don’t want and that a simple movement can enable this achievement.”

Lina previously worked with clients with neuro-developmental and learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, mobility impairments and acquired brain injuries.

She can assist clients with communication, mealtimes swallowing, dysphasia and development assessments and interventions.

Having the ability to make your own choice isn’t just about being heard. It builds self-esteem and confidence too. Lina is someone keen to listen, understand and support that.

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