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Meet the Therapy Pro Mackay Therapists

Julie Marshall, social worker

Little things can mean a lot. What is nothing to one person can be a life-changing event for another.

That’s what Therapy Pro social worker Julie Marshall believes, and it’s an attitude that she has embraced and applied through a varied and extensive 20-year career, both in Australia and the UK.

Julie has worked in many settings in the health care industry, including aged care, disability, mental health and child protection.

Her extensive work experience is coupled with knowledge of working in client-directed care – she helped set up a similar scheme to NDIS in her native England.

“For me it is about making a difference in the lives of the people I support, and it can be the smallest things such as enabling them to spend as little as 10 minutes at a social function, which they could not have done before because their behaviour got in the way or helping them get the job they have always wanted.”

Julie works with clients on behavioural support and advice, including Positive Behavioural Support Plans, as well as individual and family counselling, and identifying suitable housing.

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Chelsea Hobbs, speech and language pathologist

Therapy Pro speech and language pathologist  Chelsea Hobbs loves talking, laughing and eating with family and friends.

As a ‘speechie’, Chelsea is well-trained to evaluate a client’s speech, language, fluency, literacy, voice and develop an individualised plan to address development or disorders.

Her expertise extends to non-verbal communications, helping clients choose assistive technologies that can positively affect the rest of their lives.

And she also works passionately to improve clients’ ability to swallow because:

“Eating is more than something we do to live. It’s social. Quality of life includes being able to eat with friends!”

While much of Chelsea’s work is with children, she also works with adults – including clients whose progressive conditions will one day rob them of the ability to speak. Supported preparation for such loss can reduce frustrations and fear.

Chelsea is a true north Queenslander – raised in Ingham and educated at James Cook University in Townsville.

When not working to enhance clients’ lives through improved communication, she’s a volunteer Pyjama Angel, reading to a child in foster care every week.

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Robyn Walker, occupational therapist

Robyn Walker, occupational therapist

Robyn Walker knows independence and dignity are important to people living with a disability.

These are principles Robyn applies, from the youngest of her clients with developmental delays through to those living with life-changing degenerative conditions.

Through her work with Therapy Pro, Robyn is continuing her interest and work with children and adults with autism as well as supporting and enhancing the lives of those with a wide range of chronic illnesses and disabilities. Robyn helps her clients with daily activities, though assessment of their skills and development of strategies to increase independence. Areas covered include developmental stages, sensory processing, mobility, household chore completion, safe travel and hygiene. She can also make recommendations of aids and equipment options as well as identify suitable housing for clients.

Robyn helps her clients with daily living activities, through assessment of their skills and development of strategies to increase independence.  Areas covered include developmental stages, sensory processing, mobility, household chore completion, safe travel and hygiene.  She can also make recommendations of aids and equipment options as well identifying suitable housing with clients.

Robyn is committed to helping clients realise profound and positive effects from even small changes in life’s basics—including mobility, showering and socialising.

“My work is very much client-based and centred. I am here to improve their lives however I can – to give people more control over their own happiness and to encourage them to keep moving forward.”

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Julieanne Torkington, speech and language pathologist

Julieanne Torkington’s passion for communication originally saw her join Therapy Pro’s Townsville team to support children and adults with speech, swallowing and communication challenges. In March 2019, Julieanne moved to Moranbah.

As a speech and language pathologist, Julieanne can assess and address challenges that affect literacy, language development, and the formation of sounds, words and sentences.

She can also prescribe technological aids to provide alternative non-verbal communication.

Julieanne has worked with adults with neurological issues, including stroke and brain injury, who have needed intensive rehabilitation support to improve communication and swallowing.

Her work with children has included assessing and supporting babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers with complex developmental delays and helping school-age children with learning and speech difficulties.

Julieanne is a James Cook University graduate.

Hers is a passion ignited as a child participating in the north Queensland speech and drama eisteddfods, becoming aware that words don’t trip off everyone’s tongues freely and easily and that being heard and understood requires far more than rounded vowels.

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Adeline Mukasine, occupational therapist

Biography and image coming soon

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