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An image of Chelsea Hobbs, speech and language pathologist

Chelsea Hobbs, speech and language pathologist

Speech and language pathologist — also known as a speech therapist — Chelsea Hobbs loves talking, laughing and eating with family and friends.

It’s that passion that drives her commitment to clients facing difficulties with communication and swallowing.

“Eating is more than something we do to live. It’s social. Quality of life includes being able to eat with friends!”

As a speech and language pathologist, Chelsea is well-trained to evaluate a client’s speech, language, fluency, literacy, voice and swallowing skills and develop an individualised plan to address development or disorders.

Her expertise extends to non-verbal communications, helping clients choose assistive technologies that can positively affect the rest of their lives.

While much of Chelsea’s work is with children, she also works with adults – including clients whose progressive conditions will one day rob them of the ability to speak. Supported preparation for such loss can reduce frustrations and fear.

Chelsea is a true north Queenslander – raised in Ingham and educated at James Cook University in Townsville.

When not working to enhance clients’ lives through improved communication, she’s a volunteer Pyjama Angel, reading to a child in foster care every week.

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An image of sarah boyle, physiotherapist with Therapy Pro

Sarah Boyle, physiotherapist

Physiotherapist Sarah Boyle loves making a real difference in the lives of children and adults, and their families, by working on goals that are meaningful to them.

“I get such a buzz if I am able to help a person and their family enhance their life in some way, maybe it’s building skills and confidence, reducing stress, or making it easier to get out and about as a family.”

Sarah has a special interest in supporting children with developmental delay or disability and is particularly passionate about Early Intervention as she recognises the importance of therapy, and enhanced potential for change in these vital early years.

A strong believer in delivering services to support people to learn in their natural environments Sarah’s therapy sessions are individualised to meet the goals, needs and preferences of each person and can take place at the home or in community-based settings which include a school or daycare facility, a park or a local community centre.

After her own daughter was born extremely prematurely two years ago, Sarah gained a whole new insight into the pressures on families when their child requires significant medical or developmental support.

“I was lucky to meet many professionals and parents along the way that helped empower me to make informed choices that also felt intuitively right for my child and family. I aim to empower the families I work with, in the same way.”

Sarah can help support children and adults to develop their posture and movement to maximise their potential across a number of developmental areas including gross motor skills, fine motor skills, play, recreation, learning and communication.

Sarah finds working in a multidisciplinary way with other therapists invaluable to understanding a client’s whole developmental picture. Working in this way maximises the outcomes and creates individualised physiotherapy sessions where Sarah can really provide targeted therapy.

Sarah has worked within a variety of services in both Australia and the United Kingdom. In recent roles, Sarah has worked on Early Intervention teams with children under six years old who have physical disabilities or significant delays in their development.

When Sarah’s not busy providing therapy, she likes to keep it simple and enjoy the magnificent natural settings on the Sunshine Coast with her family – a walk at the local dog beach with her husband, daughter and Golden Retriever is always a highlight of her week.

In 2013, Sarah completed a postgraduate certificate course in Neurodevelopmental Therapy (NDT) and completed her University studies in 2007.

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An image of Yvette McKendry, psychologist with Therapy Pro

Yvette McKendry, psychologist

As someone who enjoys getting out and making the most of going to the park or beach with her young family and a good coffee, Yvette is keen for other people to experience the same simple pleasure of being outdoors.

“When you sit down and listen to people who are having difficulties in their lives, you realise how many areas are impacted; their school, work, home, and inclusion in the community”.

“There is so much potential for me in my role as a psychologist to facilitate change and improvement in people’s lives.”

Yvette has worked in the disability sector for over ten years, five as a Disability Support Worker (in Emerald and Brisbane) and almost six years as a provisional psychologist with Disability Services.

Working across all age ranges, as a psychologist Yvette provides support to children and adults, as well as the team of family members, support workers and teachers around the client.

Yvette is skilled working alongside clients that have dual diagnoses (mental health and disability) but her area of speciality is Positive Behaviour Support and Intervention.

Competent carrying out psychometric assessments, Yvette sees developing training and providing support to the services around the person, as a major part of her role.

“It’s important that team around the person all have the same understanding of the situation and that they are motivated to successfully implement the Positive Behaviour Support Plan.”

“It is such a privilege when a client, a family, or a disability support service, opens their doors to you and you work hard to build a relationship together because you both want their life, or their loved ones life, to be the best it can.”

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An image of Ainslee Wessling, occupational therapist with Therapy Pro

Ainslee Wessling, occupational therapist

Ainslee Wessling loves how rewarding being an occupational therapist can be.

“I strongly believe in the importance of enabling, educating and empowering clients and their families.”

Working in a client-centred way, Ainslee delivers quality, evidence-based care and support to enhance people’s overall quality of life.

“Gaining rapport with the client but also their families and support circle is what allows us to be able to collaboratively set goals and engage people in therapy that is meaningful to them. Building these positive relationships with both clients and the people that support them is the strongest way to promote better overall health and wellbeing.”

With a background in community occupational therapy, Ainslee enjoys working with clients that have diverse complex disability and medical needs.

With a particular interest and passion for assistive technology, Ainslee sees the amazing ability for it to help people reach their potential and give them independence.

“Sometimes it’s as simple as supporting a person to mobilise or shower more safely and efficiently, or even to be able to prepare their own meals. It’s amazing to see a person be able to do things for themselves for the first time using assistive technology.”

Ainslee is proud to be an occupational therapist and enjoys supporting people of any age, to reach their goals and do the things they want and need to in life.

A graduate from the University of the Sunshine Coast, Ainslee now lives on the Sunshine Coast and loves exploring the outdoors and the many beautiful places the coast offers.

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An image of Candice Irvine, Sunshine Coast psychologist

Candice Irvine, psychologist

Candice Irvine has racked up an extraordinary depth of experience in her years as a registered psychologist.

Candice can help Therapy Pro child and adult clients with psychological assessments and interventions, emotional regulation, individual counselling, psychometric assessments.

It you’re struggling with behaviour management, Candice has a passion for helping you and your support team figure out what triggers the behaviour and what strategies best suit you in gaining a greater sense of control, or resilience, in life.

Experience drawn from working with clients including disability, child protection and trauma-affected has given Candice a deep appreciation of what ‘trauma’ can be, how it can impact and how to support people through it.

“The way any two people deal with the same experience is entirely individual, coloured by a lot of variables. What’s traumatic for someone and requires lots of ongoing support, might be less traumatic for someone else? There’s no right or wrong reaction: its impact and how it’s dealt with is what makes a difference,” she says.

Candice is also experienced working with clients who are non-verbal.

Candice is practised in a number of therapy methods including talking therapies, mindfulness techniques and play-based therapeutic interventions for youngsters.

“Life can be messy. There’s a lot to be said for taking a deep slow breath to deal with it—and finding the playful or fun in the everyday,” she says.


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