Meet the Therapy Pro Therapists

Maree Kasberger, Psychologist

Psychologist Maree Kasberger joins Therapy Pro with a track record to support her belief in achieving positive change in clients’ lives.

Maree can help Therapy Pro clients with psychological assessments and interventions, behavioural support and advice including writing and developing Positive Behaviour Support Plans, individual and family counselling and psychometric assessments.

She brings more than a decade’s experience working with individuals who have physical injury, mental illness, chronic illness or addictions as part of employment services, workplace employee assistance and occupational rehabilitation programs.

Maree has particular expertise in work assessments and job-readiness skills acquisition, as well as stress management techniques.

“Confidence, self-esteem and motivation are all facets of life I enjoy exploring with clients – and growing,” she says.

Maree holds a Bachelor of Psychological Science from the University of Queensland and a Graduate Certificate in Clinical Counselling from Australian Catholic University.

As a crafter, Maree gets immense pleasure in turning fabrics, yarns and threads into items that stand out for their uniqueness. It’s a passion reflected in her professional life too, helping individuals see their uniqueness positively.

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Bharti Gitay, social worker (mental health accredited)

Therapy Pro Ipswich social worker Bharti Gitay believes that mental health and wellbeing play a powerful part in every individual’s ability to reach their goals.

Bharti to not only provide the assistance traditionally offered by a social worker but also to assess and treat clients who experience depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, crises and stress in addition to their disabilities.

Over the years, she’s supported people of all ages—and particularly youth and young adults—work through complex and challenging circumstances and issues.

“I don’t ‘fix’—I help clients help themselves as much as possible to realise their goals, to improve their health, to live as independently as they can, doing what is meaningful for them,” says Bharti.

Positive psychology tools Bharti may use include mindfulness techniques, including her favourite, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT).

“I will seek to build skills and capacity in clients so that ‘tomorrow’ not as much support will be needed because they’ve grown stronger and more independent,” she says.

Bharti’s working life has covered so many challenging aspects of life—from child safety, youth homelessness and alcohol and drug dependence to palliative care.

She’s counselled and supported many individuals and families who’ve experienced trauma and loss as refugees from non-English speaking backgrounds.

Bharti attained a Masters of Social Work Studies at the University of Queensland, backed up with further studies in mental health counselling, mental health care and positive psychology.

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Cathy Davidson, psychologist

Therapy Pro psychologist Cathy Davidson believes that learning to bounce through life’s up and down challenges and changes makes a big difference to life satisfaction and quality.

It’s a lesson originally learned quite literally as a competitive trampoline gymnast and adapted since becoming a professional psychologist almost a decade ago.

As a registered psychologist, Cathy works with children, teenagers and adults, helping them address mental health and emotional and behavioural challenges.

She can help Therapy Pro clients with psychological assessments and interventions, behavioural support and advice including writing and developing Positive Behaviour Support Plans, individual and family counselling and psychometric assessments.

Cathy often works with clients who have anxiety or depression or who seek to improve their self-regulation, social skills, self-esteem or behavioural challenges.

She’s successfully worked with clients unable to communicate verbally.

Cathy will find ways to connect and support you that may not be textbook. Yes, she has literally bounced on a trampoline with a client throughout a session because that’s what the client wanted to do. Yes, she’s fired Nerf gun darts with another client. And she’s sat and listened without judgement.

“I’m passionate about helping people reach their full potential and meet their goals,” she says.

“It won’t just ‘happen’. It takes time to connect, to gain trust, and to understand, and then to put into effect solutions that bring about real change.”

Cathy gained her postgraduate professional psychology qualifications with the University of Southern Queensland.

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Eveylyn Magoma

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