Leading Productive Teams

The challenge

Across human services, workers have more employment choices than ever before. Organisations are desperately trying to attract and retain good staff while also pushing for the productivity levels needed for the organisation’s survival.

Organisations often feel they need to choose between two incompatible options – either driving higher productivity or nurturing staff wellbeing and engagement. In this way of thinking, organisations see each worker as having finite energy reserves that can be used for productive work or for self care and learning – but not for both at the same time.

In the human services sector this dance often occurs against a backdrop of high complexity and risk, and – for wholehearted, values led workers – an emotional experience of work that can sometimes be overlooked by their leaders, who themselves may be under pressure.

Competing for workers on money is a short-term strategy that places further pressure on organisations and workers and cannot be sustained.

The Leading Productive Teams model

Our Leading Productive Teams model is a bespoke leadership framework used to drive the leadership behaviours that empower staff to connect to meaning, deliver quality, and work productively.

It is used by leaders to understand the 12 elements of their role that can collectively enable them to create the motivating, vibrant and nourishing environment that attracts workers and drives productivity.

The model is used internally at Therapy Pro, and across the last three years has been honed across more than 60 leaders in Intereach, a major NDIA LAC & ECEI partner to great success.

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