The Powerful Way Gratitude Can Shape Your Day

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As a psychologist and Director of People and Culture at Therapy Pro, I have always had an interest in the connection between therapist wellbeing and the way we work with our clients. I have read a lot about gratitude, and importantly the power of gratitude between colleagues.

I was reminded again about the value of gratitude in the workplace, when I attended a leadership program recently where gratitude was a focus in one of the modules.

Studies, as referenced below, have shown that gratitude can foster adaptive coping mechanism, reduce pain, positively influence mental health, and help fight negative ruminations to rebuild pessimistic thoughts with optimistic ones. There has even been recent evidence of a regular gratitude practice influencing physiology!

From my own experience, keeping a daily journal of the things I am grateful for can help me stay grounded and accept the present situation, even if that is a harsh reality. It has really got me thinking that as the brain tends to focus on obstacles and difficulties, because they demand action, we can easily forget to value the simpler things in life, as they are already there.

As a Leadership Team at Therapy Pro, we have challenged ourselves to include more language of appreciation and talk about the things we are thankful for at work. We still focus on working through the roadblocks and challenges we face as a business but by providing space to acknowledge the kindness colleagues have shown, or the appreciation we feel for others, it has made it easier to show more gratitude.

As an evolution, we are now discussing how we can engage our clients with practicing gratitude for improved wellbeing.

These are some of the ideas we came up with:

Have you spoken to your clients about gratitude or used gratitude to improve wellbeing where you work? I love to hear about it.

Felicia Page
STAP Accredited Organisational Psychologist
Director of People and Culture, Therapy Pro

Like to read more yourself?

Here is a link to one of the videos that I really enjoyed watching:

These are the reference materials I have been reading recently and have helped inform these thoughts.

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