The team leading a growing values-based organisation

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Therapy Pro is a rapidly growing values-based organisation. At the core of Therapy Pro, right from when the virtual doors were opened almost two years ago, is the client – the person. Being client-centred allows Therapy Pro to make decisions with very clear objectives in mind.

Therapy Pro is lead by a team of professionals in the human services field who bring extensive experience and knowledge from across all aspects of the sector.

General Manager, Karen Staal, brings energy for change to the disability sector and is central to this client-centred approach. Karen is highly aware of the many moving parts required to deliver therapy and at the end of the day, takes seriously the responsibility to get things right for the person and their family.

Supporting Karen and the team of therapists are the Directors of Service Delivery, Lara Strohfeldt and Dr Fiona Davis.

Lara and Fiona are two very experienced professionals who in their roles, provide clinical and management oversight to ensure outcomes that create real change for people.

With a collaborative way of looking at complex situations, and sometimes a creative approach, Lara and Fiona navigate clinical and commercial priorities to support a skilled team of therapists in a multidisciplinary framework.

The unique combination of skills, experience and strength that Lara and Fiona bring to their roles, provides Therapy Pro with the right scaffolding to meaningfully work with a broad range of people from moderate through to very complex needs.

Fiona is an outstanding practitioner. Over her career, Fiona has worked with some of the most vulnerable and complex clients both in remote and urban areas. Fiona’s pragmatic, no fuss attitude to getting things done, and providing real support to people, has seen her achieve positive outcomes that are truly milestones, sometimes unimagined by the clients and their families.

Lara is incredibly skilled at leading busy and high performing teams. Lara is a champion of building teams that deliver quality outcomes in the most efficient and effective manner, with the highest levels of customer service. Lara is able to support therapists to bring out their best, to provide the best for clients.

The multidisciplinary team approach allows Lara and Fiona to work with the therapists to provide therapy to people in an organised way, coordinating therapy visits and report writing, and providing training and support. It this coordination that allows clients to get the most out of their resources and the most impact from their therapy.

For Therapy Pro clients, Lara and Fiona understand the new world of the NDIS and get what it means to have a plan and the desperation to use the money wisely and carefully. After all, it’s about people having the choice and control in getting the best outcomes that meet their goals.

It is the combined relentless effort from the Leadership Team that goes into creating the best client experience that provides such a positive experience at Therapy Pro.

Therapy Pro operates in service area locations across Queensland, Northern NSW (Tweed Rivers) and Victoria.

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