Adeline Mukasine

An image of Adeline Mukasine, occupational therapist with Therapy Pro

Occupational Therapist


  • Aids and Equipment Assessments
  • Suitable Housing
  • Works with adults
  • Works with children

Therapy Pro’s Adeline Mukasine has a very personal understanding of the desire to live independently, freely and safely. Adeline came to Australia as a refugee from Congo.

“That experience is in part why I have chosen to work ‘enabling’ others independence and safety,” she says.

Further insights were gained as a disability support worker, while studying to become an occupational therapist at James Cook University, Townsville.

“I put myself in my clients’ shoes to understand what was important to them and why. In this way, I see my role now as an enabler.”

As a Therapy Pro occupational therapist, Adeline helps children and adults improve daily living functions—like bathing, dressing, toileting, eating, community access and leisure activities —through assessment and appropriately tailored intervention.

She helps clients with aids and equipment assessments and may make recommendations for minor modifications at home or work, to improve independence, mobility and safety.

Adeline gained rich experience in her varied clinical placements as a student. She’s provided occupational assessments in hospital, community and workplace settings and come up with practical, workable strategies to improve independence.

Exploring and connecting with her surrounds bring Adeline great joy. She’s ready to help you explore your possibilities too.

Testimonial: “I have been receiving OT reports for some years now. I was so very impressed with the OT report that came from Therapy Pro in that it was succinct, direct, covered all aspects that an OT report needs to cover and was extremely well written. It also provided peripheral information that can be so helpful. All the information related to the participant and I didn’t feel that it was a cut and paste. The report came to me via a third party, however I was so impressed that investigated to find the origin of the report and emailed them directly to congratulate them on a job well done.”
From the National Manager of Prospect Farm SIL Accommodation Providers, for Adeline Mukasine, occupational therapist, Mackay