Amanda Gersekowski

An image of Amanda Gersekowski, occupational therapist with Therapy Pro

Occupational Therapist


  • Works with adults
  • Works with children

The first is that independence is always to be supported—reality is that some people require a bit more support than others to achieve it.

Her second key belief is that what’s important in life is entirely personal.

These two beliefs guided Amanda to study occupational therapy at James Cook University after 14 years of dealing with personal injury claims in a Townsville law firm.

As an occupational therapist with Therapy Pro, Amanda helps clients improve daily living tasks. This can include developmental, sensory, mobility, postural, safe travel and continence assessments and tailored individualised interventions.

As Amanda explains, through an OT’s eyes, every task in life is an ‘occupation’. While gaining independent mobility may be one client’s priority task, another may want to be able to pursue a hobby like woodworking.

“What that activity means to you determines its importance, not what I or someone else may think,” says Amanda.

“I’m all about people being independent, doing what they want in life and helping them achieve that.”

Amanda is a great fan of the transformative powers of assistive technologies across all ages.

“NDIS is about the client driving their therapy, and I’m glad to be in a passenger seat beside them, helping them find the right tools to achieve their tasks.”

But what is her third core belief? Win, lose or draw, the Cowboys are the best rugby league team in Australia.