Amanda Pascall

An image of Amanda Pascall, speech and language therapist with Therapy Pro

Speech And Language Pathologist


  • Alternative Communication Technologies
  • Swallowing Challenges
  • Works with adults
  • Works with children

Therapy Pro is excited to include a well-known face to its Townsville therapy team, albeit in a very different role.

Amanda Pascall joins us as a qualified speech and language therapist, following completion of her Honours studies at James Cook University in 2018.

For many in Townsville, she’s familiar from previous roles, professionally as a disability case worker as well as her involvement in sport for people with intellectual disability, including the SportsAbility Games.

If you’ve met Amanda, you know she loves a chat, so it’s hardly surprising she chose to specialise as a speechie!

‘I’ve held a lot of roles in my life and they’ve all been about supporting and including others—I started in my teens, volunteering at a youth club for people with intellectual impairment and went on to be a physio assistant in a brain and spinal unit in the UK before pursuing so many other roles in the disability sector— but communication is the overarching ability everyone needs,” she says.

“Everyone needs some voice whether spoken or using a device or gestures or pictures.”

As a Therapy Pro speech and language pathologist, Amanda can help child and adult clients with speech, language and swallowing challenges.

She can assess and prescribe alternative communication technologies for clients who are non-verbal.

Amanda has the maturity that comes with life experience to handle complex family needs as well as an easy-going nature.

She’s also got an opinion on most team sports, but don’t ask her who she’s barracking for if Australia is up against England. Place of Origin wins…