Amy Coleman

An image of Amy Coleman, a speech and language pathologist in the Therapy Pro team

Senior Speech And Language Pathologist


  • Alternative communication technologies
  • Support with communication challenges
  • Works with adults
  • Works with children

Amy Coleman has worked in Ireland and Australia as a Speech and Language Pathologist in clinics, homes and schools 

As the oldest of four children, Amy has always been a good listener and had a natural desire to support people in a gentle and patient way.  

“I was drawn to study speech pathology as I love the mix of medicine and working closely with the person. I always find it so rewarding to be part of someone’s progress, it’s actually a privilege that I get to share in their positive experiences and successes.” 

Amy works with children and adolescents, supporting clients with Autism, learning and communication delays, and has an interest in how to provide assessment and intervention for children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.  

In community and hospital settings, Amy has worked with adults who have communication difficulties due to brain injury, stroke, and dementia, for example, and need support to communicate or swallow.   

“It’s really important to me that people are able to express what they need and have confidence to do what they enjoy, bringing them purpose and happiness. Communicating is such a big part of gaining independence and expanding your interests to live the best life you can.” 

Amy approaches each client in an individualised way and values the importance of working in the clients chosen environment, where they feel comfortable, to get the most out of every session.  

When not working, Amy is looking for the next amazing Mexican or Greek restaurant, or going for a surf and morning coffee.  



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