Amy Fleming

Amy fleming occupational therapist with Therapy Pro

Occupational Therapist


  • Works with adults
  • Works with children

Amy Fleming had two profound influencers that lead her to training to becoming an occupational therapist, or OT.

With a mother who was a nurse, from a young age Amy was exposed to what it meant to help people who were in need, supporting them to improve their health and live their best life.

Amy was also influenced by an occupational therapist that came to visit her grandfather at home one day. Amy was only young at the time but could see the impact this person had on her grandfather to allow him as much independence as possible.

“It was really great to see how this OT worked to make my grandfather comfortable and provide him with the right tools and support to make the best possible life for him. I could see how this OT wanted to help my grandfather to do things safely and the impact this had on him and my family was wonderful.”

Central to Amy is the way OTs operate in a holistic way with people, looking at their capacity and their environment both inside the home and in the community. As an OT, Amy provides functional capacity assessments for NDIS participants to help inform strategies and aides to overcome challenges and can help with assistive technology.

“Seeing someone in their own home, going about their daily routine is so valuable for an OT, you really get a sense of how people live and what they need to support them to continue or improve that.”

Working across the lifespan, Amy enjoys seeing a mix of people and presentations. Amy has gained experience working in school settings where she uses a play-based approach to engage children in their therapy. Amy also works with people in aged care settings and in their homes, and places great importance on getting to know what the person wants from the occupational therapy and looking at creative interventions to support them to help achieve their goals.

Amy is excited to be working as part of a multidisciplinary team at Therapy Pro, where the person and their goals, is at the centre of a collaboratively working team.

“I find it very rewarding to watch people become more independent in their everyday lives and love celebrating all achievements, no matter how big or small.”

Amy completed a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy at La Trobe University.


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