Anna Steward

Anna Steward, Occupational Therapist with the Townsville Therapy Pro team

Senior Occupational Therapist


  • Works with adults
  • Works with children

Restoring hope: that’s something Anna Steward seeks to achieve in her role as a Therapy Pro occupational therapist.

Anna has worked as an OT since 2010, supporting clients with disability or mental health conditions.

“I love the challenge of helping clients find ways to re-engage, or learn new skills, or to grow confidence in aspects of life that are important to them. Those lightbulb moments when we restore hope are a real privilege,” she says.

Anna has worked extensively with adults with physical disabilities, including clients who have low vision or who are blind, helping to improve their ability to do daily living activities at home or work, more independently and safely.

She’s done a lot of assessment and overseeing of home modifications for disability clients.

She’s also great with equipment prescriptions including varied daily living aids such as talking aides, adaptive kitchen aides and specialised vision products.

After years away, working in Brisbane and London, this James Cook University graduate is glad to be home in ‘the Ville’, supporting her community.

She has one hangover from her days in London that clients may like to know about: she’s become a tea-drinker and takes it with milk and no sugar!