Annie Sacurom

An image of psychologist Annie Sacurom with Therapy Pro



  • Positive Behaviour Support Plans
  • Works with adults
  • Works with children

“I see my role as a catalyst to building relationships. Relationships with the client, their family, support workers and carers, and helping to strengthen those relationships to provide the best quality of life for the client.”

Annie has worked with young children and adults, during her time at the Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors and prior to that in her work experience at Headspace.

“Connecting all the supports around a person and helping each of those supports to work with each other, helping them to understand the benefit if we all work together is very important.”
“I enjoy looking at the way all the perspectives can come together, complementing each one to ultimately get the most benefit for the client. It’s very rewarding.”

Annie’s specific area of interest is developing Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) plans, and helping people understand restrictive practices and the legal requirements in this area.

“When I completed PBS training and it really sparked my interest. It opened a door to another world with many possibilities, I could really see ways to work with clients to improve their lives and the lives of their family.”

Approaching therapy in a client-centred way, Annie asks many questions to help build rapport but to also establish an evidence base from which to build on. Annie believes that starting the session with a smile makes a huge difference to how people respond.

Describing herself as realistically optimistic, Annie looks for the strengths of each client. To help people get what they want out of life, Annie uses the skills and strengths they already have and her knowledge to develop tools they can use to approach situations more confidently.

“It’s important to focus on a person’s strengths and develop those strengths to help influence and work on other areas.”

Annie studied at Australian Catholic University and completed her post-graduate studies at University of Southern Queensland.