Breanna Kerr

A woman smiling at the camera

Speech And Language Pathologist

Moreton Bay

  • Alternative communication technologies
  • Understands swallowing challenges
  • Works with adults
  • Works with children

When Breanna Kerr began her professional career as a speech and language pathologist, she realised a childhood dream.

Back when she was 10, a younger sibling had needed speech therapy to address a developmental delay; Breanna loved not only supporting his ‘homework’ but the changes it made to his life.

Breanna’s conviction firmed further during university, volunteering at an early childhood development program that supported young children with disability prepare to transition to school.

She’s gone on to work with children and adults with disability, including clients who are non-verbal.

As a Therapy Pro speech and language pathologist, Breanna is available to work with children and adults with disability who want to address concerns relating to speech and language development, voice, social communication, swallowing and eating.

She can also prescribe alternative and augmented communication technology and equipment.

With additional Sequencing Oral Sensory approach training, Breanna answers SOS calls for mealtime challenges that may relate to swallowing and feeding difficulties or to sensory processing —being overwhelmed or triggered by textures, smells, tastes or colours.

“Eating is such a socially integral part of life. It can be very isolating and distressing when there are difficulties for you and the rest of the family,” Breanna says.

She offers particular experience with pre-teen girls, diagnosed with autism and trying to navigate social norms and friendships.

Breanna is an Australian Catholic University graduate.


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