Brittney Bogotto

Brittney Bogotto, Psychologist with Therapy Pro

Psychologist (provisional)


  • Works with adults
  • Works with children

Brittney Bogotto says she’s paying forward to Townsville the privileges and support she’s enjoyed throughout her life in north Queensland.

She’s excited to be part of the Therapy Pro team, beginning her professional career with a fresh approach to therapy that’s all about adults and children getting the support they want, when and where they want it.

As a psychologist (provisional), Brittney can help clients talk through challenges and worries, carry out psychometric assessments and provide behavioural support and advice. Brittney can work on positive behaviour support plans with you.

“I was always the person friends turned to, to talk to. I’m here for good times and bad. We all have the strength within us to find answers to the challenges we face. Sometimes, we need support to find or develop that strength – like a weightlifter needs a spotter,” Brittney says.

“I don’t ‘fix’. I will help clients explore options so they can realise their goals and improve their mental wellbeing.

“The Therapy Pro approach, to my mind, makes therapy more natural and less something to be scared or ashamed of. Yes, when you meet with me, you’re seeing a psychologist, but I hope you’ll feel that talking with me like talking to an unbiased friend with boundaries.”

Brittney is a James Cook University graduate.