Cameron Bracken

cameron smiles at the camera he is happy to work at therapy pro

Psychologist (provisional)

Northern Rivers

  • Emotional regulation and stress management
  • Supports people with trauma
  • Works with adults
  • Works with children

Therapy Pro welcomes Cameron Bracken back to what he enjoys most – working directly with people, and specifically people with disability.

Cam joins Therapy Pro as a psychologist (provisional), available to support child, teenage and adult clients in the NSW Northern Rivers area who want to work through mental and emotional health challenges.

He carries out thorough psychological assessments, and provides specialist behaviour support for emotional regulation, stress management and better social skills. Cam can develop behaviour support plans that consider all aspects of the person, their support and environment, to identify the purpose of challenging behaviour and recommend holistic interventions to assist the person, family and support staff to improve the person’s quality of life and reduce the challenging behaviour.

His past working life positions him to be a great motivator and mentor for clients keen to build ‘job ready’ work skills.

Cam commenced his psychology studies while working as a trainer and assessor, a move made after success in disability employment counselling had seen him promoted to management and away from clients.

“Psychology gives you wings to change the way you think, feel and act,” he says.

Cameron Bracken is a University of New England psychology graduate.



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