Catherine Stuart

An image of Catherine Stuart, Psychologist with Therapy Pro



  • Family Counselling
  • Individual Counselling

Therapy Pro psychologist Catherine Stuart seeks to heighten the sense of joy, connection, purpose and achievement in her clients’ ‘everyday’, every day.

She does this by focusing on, and building, clients’ strengths, interests and passions to enrich their daily living goals.

“When clients are willingly engaged in activities that result in a sense of joy, purpose, achievement and feel connected to others within their community, their overall confidence and psychological well-being improves.  This leads clients toward reaching their personal goals and their full potential in their life,” she says.

Catherine works with children, teenagers and adults, helping improve social skills, challenge and change unhelpful thoughts or behaviours, strengthen emotional regulation and develop personal coping strategies.

With more than 20 years’ professional experience, including many years as a psychologist in disability employment, Catherine is particularly skilled in supporting clients address complex barriers with the overall goal of achieving and maintaining employment and leading a full life.

She’s also a well-practised one-on-one, couples and family therapist.

Catherine holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Psychology) and a Graduate Diploma in Applied Psychology.

After years of delivering therapy in traditional clinic settings and in private practice, she’s excited by the mobile Therapy Pro approach that will see her come to your home or another place in which you’re comfortable. If that happens to be at a dog park, that’s fine by Catherine: she’s only too happy to get her ‘fur fix’ at the same time as supporting you on the way to becoming your best version of you.