Danielle French

An image of Danni French is a social worker on the Gold Coast with Therapy Pro

Social Worker

Gold Coast & Logan

  • Behavioural Support and Advice
  • Positive Behaviour Support Plans
  • Works with adults
  • Works with children

Therapy Pro Gold Coast team member Danielle French seeks to support clients live their ‘everyday’ to their best, every day.

As a social worker, Danni supports children and adults overcome personal difficulties and structural barriers so that they experience inclusion, involvement and independence in home, school, work and community life.

She has specific expertise dealing with children and adolescents’ issues and needs, particularly those with cognitive disabilities (including autism spectrum disorder).

“Life is not black and white. There are greys. Sometimes the greys seem incomprehensible. I take time to answer the ‘why’,” Danni says.

Danni has worked in the disability sector in England and Australia for more than a decade as a disability support worker, teacher (early childhood and special needs) and social worker.

She draws on those varied work roles to offer practical guidance and skills to handle issues that can hurt and confuse—including bullying and inappropriate sexualised behaviour.

She’s also well-connected on the Gold Coast, with a bulging ‘little black book’ of support groups and services with whom to connect clients and their families.

Danni is a Griffith University graduate.