Deb Cook

A photo of Deb Cook who smiles at the camera

Social Worker

Brisbane South

  • Behavioural support and advice
  • Emotional regulation and stress management
  • Family counselling
  • Individual counselling
  • Support with mental health
  • Works with adults
  • Works with children

Deb Cook has made a career out of the inalienable right to be included.

“I’m passionate about validation and empowerment, seeing the strengths in everyone and helping those strengths be realised,” says Deb.

As a social worker, Deb’s role in the Therapy Pro Brisbane South team is many and varied: from counselling and positive behaviour support to dealing with life transitions and relationships and being a part of community.

A natural networker, Deb also has a deep knowledge of available community and government resources and how to access them.

While Deb has worked in the profession since 1995, her core beliefs and her passion formed long before she started social work studies at the University of Queensland.

“I remember overhearing a conversation as a teenager about my dad being disabled, and I’m thinking ‘there’s nothing wrong with Dad: he’s a smart capable person who happens to use a wheelchair’,” she recalls.

“There are always barriers in life – sometimes more than others – and there are usually ways to overcome them.

“I see you as the expert of your life. I’ll let you take the lead and work beside you: you won’t be alone.”


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