Deb Field

An image of Deb Field, social worker with Therapy Pro

Social Worker


  • Trauma
  • Works with adults
  • Works with children

Social worker Deb Field’s name and face may be familiar to Mackay residents. She’s a true local, born and bred, raising her family here. You may have passed her at the shops or on the beach.

Perhaps you’ve come across her work in community, where she’s soothed and helped straighten upended lives for more than a decade.

Deb joins Therapy Pro to support children and adults with disability overcome personal difficulties and structural barriers so that they experience inclusion, involvement and independence in home, school, work and community life.

Before formally qualifying as a social worker in 2013, Deb worked with people affected by complex psychological issues as a result of workplace injury. More recently, she’s supported children and families at risk of, or affected by, domestic violence.

“I’m drawn to manage and support people when their world has changed, to help them navigate their world, meet unmet needs and access support,” she says.

Deb will stand beside clients in times of change—like moving from school to employment—and in times of crisis too.

Deb is not only a Social Worker but has qualifications as a counsellor and uses a variety of approaches, including sand play and symbol work, as powerful therapeutic non-verbal means of expression.

Skilled in working with people who have experienced both physical and emotional trauma, and people looking for Positive Behaviour Support, Deb’s approach supports emotional regulation by aiming to keep little and big people emotionally safe–supporting them to learn techniques to recognise escalation and how to return to base-line safely.

Deb is experienced in attachment therapy, with a specific focus on play-based and family therapy, and works closely with family, carers, and support people to help educate and increase understanding to enable better support of their loved ones.

An avid reader in her spare time, Deb has come to realise the books she’s drawn to reflect qualities of her real-life clients— “brave and strong and don’t know it, strong and fearless in adversity”.