Debby Yuen

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Occupational Therapist


  • Aids and equipment assessments
  • Functional capacity assessments and reports
  • Works with adults
  • Works with children

In recovering from serious surgery in 2021, Debby Yuen found herself having to rely on others for the most basic self-care as she relearned day-to-day activities she’d previously taken for granted.

“Not being able to do things I wanted and needed to do hit me hard. I was frustrated. I have never forgotten the experience and it’s why I do what I do now, as an occupational therapist.

“I have not walked in your shoes, but I do understand and appreciate your feelings and your needs.”

Debby helps clients improve activities of daily living (ADLs) or life skills or social skills—whatever is important to you.

She does this by undertaking thorough assessments, listening to your needs, looking at your strengths and abilities, and tailoring strategies, exercises and assistive equipment or appliances that move you towards your goal, with more independence, safely.

Quiet and patient, Debby has worked extensively with adults who have physical, intellectual, or mental health challenges.

“I love to see a client achieve, working, step by step, up to something that is meaningful to them: maybe cooking a meal, or going shopping, or being part of a social group.”

Debby is able to provide occupational therapy assessments and interventions in English or Cantonese.

Debby Yuen gained her Masters of Occupational Therapy from Latrobe University.


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