Donna Parker

an occupational therapist on the sunshine coast smiles at the camera

Occupational Therapist

Sunshine Coast

  • Aids and equipment assessments
  • Fine motor skills development
  • Improving daily living skills
  • Increased independence
  • Works with adults
  • Works with children

Donna Parker describes herself as ‘the driver of her own ship’ and is passionate about helping others become theirs too.

About a decade ago, Donna took a leap of faith, enrolling as a mature age university student to pursue occupational therapy (OT) as her career of choice.

She’s been working as a qualified OT with individuals of all ages since 2017.

Part of her ‘secret’ to supporting client success is asking questions that reveal your intrinsic motivation to achieve something.

“You’re wanting to do something not because someone else wants it, or there’s some external reward for it, but because it is naturally satisfying for you,” Donna says.

“It can be frustrating to have a goal, and want it, but not quite know how to reach it.”

Donna’s clients may seek advice, aids and equipment, or strategies to support to improved functional mobility, social and community involvement, return to work rehabilitation and activities of daily living including, she’s keen to emphasise, needs of an intimate nature.

“Disability doesn’t stop you from having sexual needs. No goal need be off-limits because of social norms.”

Donna Parker is a University of the Sunshine Coast graduate.


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