Dorothy Clohesy

A photo of Dorothy who smiles at the camera

Speech and Language Pathologist


  • Alternative communication technologies
  • Spoken and non spoken communication
  • Support after stroke
  • Support with communication challenges
  • Understands swallowing challenges
  • Works with adults
  • Works with children
  • Works with non-verbal people

Dorothy Clohesy has built communication bridges with clients seeking a better quality of life, since 2015.

Dorothy is a speech and language pathologist or ‘speechie’, joining Therapy Pro after time in community as an intensive family support practitioner.

She is available to work with child and adult clients, assessing and addressing challenges that impact speech and language development, social communication, swallowing (mealtime management) and literacy skills.

Dorothy can also prescribe technological aids to provide alternative non-verbal communication.

A former learning facilitator, Dorothy is very familiar with working with neurodiverse clients, including those who are non-verbal.

She’s worked with clients who have acquired brain injury, and with clients born with physical or intellectual disabilities impacting their ability to form sounds and words, or swallow.

Dorothy has worked a lot with clients who’ve experienced difficulties with communication following traumatic experiences.

As part of Therapy Pro’s multidisciplinary team, Dorothy sees confidence grow with communication skills: “We all want to be understood, valued and appreciated.”

Dorothy Clohesy is a James Cook University graduate.


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