Elizabeth Murray

An image of Liz Murray, a speech and language pathologist in the Therapy Pro team

Speech And Language Pathologist


  • Alternative Communication Technologies
  • Communication Challenges
  • Works with adults
  • Works with children

A skilled speech and language pathologist, Liz Murray works across the age range and enjoys the collaborative approach that being part of a multidisciplinary team provides.  

Liz works with people to develop language, communication and literacy skills for the workplace, improve community involvement or gain greater independence.  

“Everyone has different motivations; I like to quickly get to the crux of what matters to the person by finding out what they want to achieve, so we can work together to make the sessions functional and useful. I want to provide tools to support them in real-life applications that meet their goals. 

With experience that includes working with people who have developmental delays, autism spectrum disorder and more generalised communication difficulties, Liz works in a flexible and creative way, to use her knowledge to support the individual 

“If they want to learn ways to approach a particular social situation or to order their favourite drink when they go out, then that is what we work on. It matters to me that I tap into what they love or enjoy, as it simply makes each session more relevant and purposeful for the person.”   

“I really like to look at how people learn and when we hit a roadblock, we change or modify the approach, using evidence-based methods, to find a way to progress the therapy.” 

Liz is interested in the link between language and behaviour. This has supported teachers and carers to make changes to the way they communicate with teenagers and young adults that can reduce unhelpful behaviours.  

Having worked with children and adults in the Northern Territory as well as the United Kingdom in both education and community health settings, Liz now calls Melbourne home.  

To relax, Liz likes to take herself away from the language side of her brain to do something visual and creative such as sewing, craft and photography, or simply, take a quite walk along the beach.