Fallon McGrath

Fallon McGrath, Occupational Therapist with the Therapy Pro team

Occupational Therapist

Gold Coast

  • Works with adults
  • Works with children

It’s not every day that a sibling credits a little brother for guiding a career choice: Fallon McGrath does.

Fallon joins Therapy Pro on the Gold Coast as an occupational therapist, paying forward gratitude for therapeutic interventions that made profound differences for her family almost a decade ago.

As an OT, Fallon supports children, teenagers and adults with disabilities participate more in the everyday functions of life that are important to them—like bathing, dressing, toileting, eating, community access and leisure activities—safely and with as much independence as possible.

She can assess and prescribe aids and equipment, and make recommendations for minor modifications at home or work too.

From lived experience, Fallon understands time is both precious and pressured and factors that into proposed interventions.

“I was a teenager when my brother was five and being treated for cancer. An OT at the hospital talked with the family about seeking ways to create family time which was pretty scarce,” Fallon remembers.

“We started cooking together, making pizza. It was fantastic. We nourished ourselves, physically and emotionally as a family.”

University work placements saw Fallon spend time working with people with autism spectrum diagnoses and sensory issues.

At a residential addictions clinic, she helped clients discover new social activities, hobbies and interests.

Fallon is a graduate from Griffith University.

She still loves home-made pizza topped with capsicum, roasted pumpkin, tomato, ham, cheese and rocket, best shared with her now-teenage brother.


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