James Farrugia

a man who is an occupational therapist smiles at the camera, he is happy to work at therapy pro

Senior Occupational Therapist


  • Fine motor skills development
  • Tools to support emotional regulation
  • Works with children

Senior occupational therapist James Farrugia brings to Therapy Pro almost a decade’s hands-on experience working with children and their families.

An OT with an interest in early childhood development, James has supported active inclusion in education – from childcare and kindergarten to school entry – since 2013, helping his young clients get the most out of learning.

James has specific experience supporting children with developmental delays, intellectual disability and neurodevelopmental challenges, including children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.

Therapeutic interventions address fine motor skills development, sensory preferences, emotional regulation, play skills, positive behaviour management, daily self-care skills like toileting and feeding, and social skills development, including forming friendships.

James takes a collaborative approach, working with the family’s needs and abilities.

“It’s important to support children and families to work on what’s most important for them,” he explains.

James decided to become an occupational therapist when he was a teenager, volunteering as a buddy on outings for kids with disabilities.

He loved the joy and smiles those outings brought to the faces of the youngsters and their families then, and still enjoys seeing families celebrating their loved ones’ successes.

James Farrugia is a Monash University graduate who completed further graduate studies in autism diagnosis with University of Western Australia.



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