Jenny Hogan

An image of Jenny Hogan a speech and language therapist with Therapy Pro

Speech And Language Pathologist

Sunshine Coast

  • Alternative Communication Technologies
  • Communication Challenges
  • Non-verbal

Therapy Pro speech pathologist Jenny Hogan helps people of all age groups and has particular interest and expertise with children and young people who have a variety of speech and language challenges.

Jenny, who trained in Ireland, has worked mostly with young children, teenagers and young adults, often with complex and diverse disabilities.

Sometimes her young clients have been unable to use words, sentences or sounds to form speech, like a child with Rett’s syndrome who could not speak and whose mobility was very limited. Jenny worked with the child to develop a non-verbal means to express her thoughts and intentions, using only eye movement, right or left, for ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers.

Jenny knows how to adapt techniques to be effective and culturally appropriate and is experienced working with families from different cultures and countries—including Polynesian, Asian, Maori and African.

Sometimes therapy involves play.

“The basic skills for communication, for social interactions, are learned through play—how to share or take turns in speaking for example,” she says.

And sometimes, music is part of Jenny’s therapy (her master’s thesis was on the effects of music training on language development).

Perhaps Therapy Pro speech pathologist Jenny Hogan has the playlist to unlock your child or young person’s speech and communication dreams and goals.