Julie Marshall

An image of Julie Marshall, social worker with Therapy Pro

Social Worker


  • Behavioural Support and Advice
  • Positive Behaviour Support Plans

Little things can mean a lot. What is nothing to one person can be a life-changing event for another.

That’s what Therapy Pro social worker Julie Marshall believes, and it’s an attitude that she has embraced and applied through a varied and extensive 20-year career, both in Australia and the UK.

Julie has worked in many settings in the health care industry, including aged care, disability, mental health and child protection.

Her extensive work experience is coupled with knowledge of working in client-directed care – she helped set up a similar scheme to NDIS in her native England.

“For me it is about making a difference in the lives of the people I support, and it can be the smallest things such as enabling them to spend as little as 10 minutes at a social function, which they could not have done before because their behaviour was a barrier or helping them get the job they have always wanted.”

Julie works with clients on behavioural support and advice, including Positive Behavioural Support Plans, as well as individual and family counselling, and identifying suitable housing.