Julieanne Torkington

Therapy Pro Townsville speech and language pathologist Julieanne Torkington

Speech And Language Pathologist


  • Support with communication challenges
  • Understands swallowing challenges

Julieanne Torkington’s passion for communication originally saw her join Therapy Pro’s Townsville team to support children and adults with speech, swallowing and communication challenges. In March 2019, Julieanne moved to Moranbah.

As a speech and language pathologist, Julieanne can assess and address challenges that affect literacy, language development, and the formation of sounds, words and sentences.

She can also prescribe technological aids to provide alternative non-verbal communication.

Julieanne has worked with adults with neurological issues, including stroke and brain injury, who have needed intensive rehabilitation support to improve communication and swallowing.

Her work with children has included assessing and supporting babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers with complex developmental delays and helping school-age children with learning and speech difficulties.

Julieanne is a James Cook University graduate.

Hers is a passion ignited as a child participating in the north Queensland speech and drama eisteddfods, becoming aware that words don’t trip off everyone’s tongues freely and easily and that being heard and understood requires far more than rounded vowels.


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