Kassie Alcorn

Kassie Alcorn smiles at the camera, has auburn wavy hair and wears glasses

Psychologist (provisional)

Brisbane & Brisbane North

  • Family counselling
  • Individual counselling
  • Supports people with trauma
  • Works with adults
  • Works with children

Patience could appropriately be Therapy Pro psychologist (provisional) Kassie Alcorn’s middle name.

If, as a new client, you need time to trust and get to know her before opening up, Kassie will sit with that. It happens sometimes; and that’s okay.

“I’m here to ease the sense of overwhelm,” Kassie explains. “We’re setting up from success from the start.”

In joining Therapy Pro as a psychologist (provisional), Kassie draws on varied life and work experiences, most recently as a counsellor.

Kassie is available to work with children and adults, providing psychological assessments and tailoring therapeutic interventions to assist with behaviour challenges, social skills, emotional regulation, and coping strategies.

She’s helped clients with significant complex needs transition from hospital into community living.

She has talked people through volatile emotional states, quietly finding common ground and being able to get the supports that are needed in place, for the clients’ safety and wellbeing.

She’s also able to draw on her past working life in the recruitment area and is keen to support clients whose goal is to gain confidence, grow networks and get job-ready.

“I believe in guiding clients towards achievable goals, based on capacity and reality,” Kassie says.

Kassie gained her Master’s degree in psychology from James Cook University.


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