Kate Langdon

An image of Kate Langdon provisional psychologist with Therapy Pro

Psychologist (provisional)

Moreton Bay

  • Works with adults
  • Works with children

Kate Langdon joins Therapy Pro having completed an honours degree in psychology from the University of New England, as well as a dual psychology/criminology degree at Griffith University, however she has worked in a number of areas.

Soon after leaving high school, Kate Langdon volunteered in a Ghanaian orphanage and hospital, and found herself one day sitting with a patient whose leg had been amputated as a consequence of poorly managed diabetes. She sat with the woman who wept and grieved. Without words —they didn’t speak a common language—Kate gave comfort and support, then returned to Australia to learn the skills she’d need to provide more therapeutic supports.

Throughout the six years of her studies, Kate worked with people with disabilities as a support worker. Post university graduation saw her work within an Indigenous community as part of youth justice, as well as community mental health and number of roles in the disability sector.

Revelling in the one-on-one approach to a therapeutic relationship, Kate is likely to ask “how does that look to you” because she won’t presume to know your take on your situation.

“I have seen clients shine brighter when the correct supports, not presumed ones, are available,” she says.

Kate can help child, teen and adult clients with psychological assessments and interventions, develop behavioural support plans, and deal with presentations including emotion dysregulation, trauma and grief, depression, anxiety, stress management and other psychosocial disabilities.

Kate enjoys making a genuine connection with her clients and seeing how unique and awesome they are no matter what is going on for them.