Lot Keijzer

An image of Lot Keijzer a mental health social worker with Therapy Pro

Mental Health Social Worker


  • Trauma
  • Works with adults
  • Works with children

Lot Keijzer wasn’t born to run yet she runs, slow and steady and far, enjoying the scenery along the way. It’s an approach to life she seeks to pass on as a mental health social worker.

“Life isn’t a sprint: it’s more like a marathon. My role provides guidance and support for individuals as they learn skills, strategies and tools to achieve their best life possible, by themselves.”

Lot has worked as a mental health social worker since 2006, in Holland and Australia. She chose her career path while studying in the United States, working as a volunteer with adults rehabilitating after life-changing injury and illness.

“Their positive attitude to make the most of what they had inspired me. I learned the importance of looking to your strengths and believing you can.”

Lot works with children, teenagers and adults and can help enhance clients’ social skills, stress management, parenting skills, problem-solving, and relaxation techniques.

Her mental health accreditation enables Lot to assess and treat people who experience depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, adverse childhood experiences, family conflict and the stresses of change.

Away from work, when not running through bushland, Lot may be found snuggled at home with her dog, studying: currently, she’s learning about nutrition, specifically the relationship between gut and mental health.