Louise Sklivas

A therapist smiles at the camera

Speech and Language Pathologist

Melbourne & Melbourne South East

  • Alternative communication technologies
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Speaks language/s other than English
  • Support after stroke
  • Support with communication challenges
  • Works with adults

At Therapy Pro, we consider Louise Sklivas to be the work-out queen of physical interventions to improve function for the mouth, tongue and throat muscles.

Louise has worked as a speech and language pathologist for almost 25 years, mostly in the UK.

For much of that time, she worked with patients recovering from head and neck cancers, traumatic brain injury, stroke, and progressive neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, motor-neuron disease and Huntington’s disease. Louise has also worked with burns patients.

In joining Therapy Pro, Louise Sklivas is available to assess and work with adult clients with physical barriers to their speech, sound-making, and swallowing. (Did you know swallowing involves the coordination of 22 different muscle groups and around a hundred different muscles in the chest, jaw, tongue, and lips must work together to create speech?)

“I enjoy building relationships with clients, seeing progress made and goals met, realising that interventions and therapies I’ve recommend and that we’ve worked together on are making a real difference,” she says.

Like a man with quadriplegia who suffered a stroke while on a hospital operating table. “Savouring food had been one his few pleasures and he refused to be fed artificially. We worked together and by the time he left hospital, he was swallowing safely, eating and drinking normal food.”

Multi-lingual Louise can carry out assessments and therapy sessions in English, French or Greek.

A Melburnian, Louise’s career began as a 1997 speech and language pathology graduate from La Trobe University.



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