Marta Barake

An image of Marta Baraka, speech and language pathologist with Therapy Pro

Senior Speech And Language Pathologist

Brisbane & Brisbane North

  • Alternative communication technologies
  • An ECEI (Early Childhood Early Intervention) practitioner
  • Develops literacy skills
  • Speaks language/s other than English
  • Support with communication challenges
  • Understands swallowing challenges
  • Works with non-verbal people


Marta, a senior speech and language pathologist, is trained in sequential oral sensory feeding (SOS), using techniques that are particularly helpful for some people diagnosed on the autism spectrum who cannot tolerate certain textured or coloured food.

It’s just one of the areas of expertise Marta has developed in a career that has seen her work with children and adults in community and government agencies, private practice and schools, addressing communication, speech, language and swallowing needs.

Her work includes prescribing technological aids to provide alternative non-verbal communication.

Another specialist skill she’s developed particularly benefits people diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease who may find their voice becomes softer or breathy or hoarse.

Originally from El Salvador, Marta speaks Spanish and English fluently and can provide therapy sessions in either—or both—language.

A University of Queensland graduate, Marta shares her professional gifts during time out, volunteering in overseas orphanages to help children with speech and feeding difficulties.


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