Martha Mulley

Martha smiles at the camera, she has short hair and a striped top

Psychologist (provisional)


  • Autism
  • Behavioural Support and Advice
  • Trauma
  • Works with adults
  • Works with children

Therapy Pro’s Martha Mulley came to Australia from the United Kingdom via India and Nepal in a journey something akin to the popular book (and film) Eat Pray Love.

Her extended stay in Nepal and India, where she studied yoga, deepened Martha’s understanding and appreciation of what is really important in life and how to attain it.

Before her travels, Martha worked as a registered psychologist in the UK’s National Health System (NHS), running face-to-face, online and group therapy for clients with a range of psychological issues.

Martha is available to work with Therapy Pro clients of all ages with disabilities who want to tackle mental and emotional health issues for positive change.

She has extensive experience working with adults with autism, and with clients who are non-verbal and have challenging behaviours.

Martha has the lived experience as a family member of someone with mental health issues: this gives her a keen understanding of the domino effect on those around the client.

She credits her yoga philosophy studies, though, for truly enriching both her own mindful practice as well as her understanding of people’s struggles.

“You are not your thoughts,” Martha says, simply and adamantly.

Warm and compassionate, Martha is available for psychological assessments, as well as implementing individualised therapeutic interventions.

She can provide counselling, develop behavioural management plans and positive behaviour support plans, and help you address challenges in the areas of emotional regulation, stress management, and social communication.

Martha Mulley is UK-trained and educated, graduating from Swansea University in 2014.