Natalie Kelly

Social Worker

Sydney North

  • Advocacy
  • Family counselling
  • Individual counselling
  • Key Worker
  • Support with emotions
  • Works with children

Natalie joins Therapy Pro’s Sydney team as a Social Worker with 10 years’ experience in the disability sector, specialising in early childhood intervention and support.

“I have a passion for working with neurodiverse individuals, particularly children. It’s a passion fuelled by celebrating and empowering individuality.”

How can you support people?

When a diagnosis is first delivered, families can feel bombarded with information that they’re not ready to process or consider at that time. I meet the family where they are emotionally, and we address needs for the here and now, and going forward.

As an Early Childhood Early Intervention social worker, I can be your key worker – your one point of contact for young children living with disability, across all aspects of support needed.

How does your background shape the way you work?

I’ve spent my career working to help others access opportunities in life regardless of the circumstances that life has dealt them, because I firmly believe that with the right support and information, what’s important to you can be achieved – even if the path looks a little different than originally imagined.

What is your approach to working with people?

My approach is always person and family centred. I take the time to get to know what is important to you and help you navigate what’s needed going forward to achieve what’s important for your young person and your family as a whole.

Natalie Kelly gained a Masters of Social Work from the University of Sheffield, UK.


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