Nicole Rose

An image of Nicole Rose provisional psychologist with Therapy Pro

Psychologist (provisional)


  • Works with adults
  • Works with children

Nicole Rose —“call me Niki”—comes to Therapy Pro with a desire to help individuals with disabilities and their families achieve their goals, and to be ‘there’ when she’s most needed.

Niki’s taken her time in becoming a psychologist (provisional)—it represents a longed-for career change interrupted by life events, some that have floored her and others that delighted. Along the way, she’s applied her professional skills in a range of areas including forensic psychology and employment services.

Niki brings with her experience working with children and adults, carrying out psychological assessments and psychometric testing, and delivering tailored interventions, support and counselling.

She has experience in supporting clients as they deal with trauma, self-harming or other challenging behaviours, and grief in its many forms.

“I’ve worked with people with very difficult behaviours, people the general public can’t and won’t engage with and what I know is that we’re all human beings, and we all deserve positive regard,” she says. “We all need someone to be there, by our side, at some time.”

A Central Queensland University honours graduate, Niki loves cats and looks forward to the day when a therapy cat works alongside her, meeting clients and their families.