Olivia Sun

A picture of Olivia Sun, who has long dark hair, is wearing glasses and smiling at the camera

Occupational Therapist


  • Aids and Equipment Assessments
  • Works with adults
  • Works with children

Olivia Sun is intent on improving quality of life, and daily living, for her clients.

“We focus on what is meaningful for you, and together work out ways to achieve those tasks,” this occupational therapist says.

That can mean Olivia needs to learn something new – like when a client group of young people wanted a kitchen garden at their share-house. Growing up in an apartment in China, Olivia hadn’t even owned a pot plant, let alone grown a vegie!

After much research – and help from a national TV program – her clients gained an accessible, productive garden, and more.

“The clients were empowered, and the garden became a place that grew better social relationships as well as flowers and veg.”

Olivia, who works with adult and child clients, delivers occupational therapy assessments and tailored interventions in either English or Mandarin.

She can help you improve activities of daily living (ADLs) as well as functional mobility, community access and social activities.

She may also recommend appropriate equipment and appliances – or home modifications – that help you be more independent, safely.

She gained her Masters in Occupational Therapy from Monash University in 2017 and grows herbs on her kitchen window ledge.