Owen Wong

Owen Wong, occupational therapist for Therapy Pro in the Melbourne team

Occupational Therapist


  • Works with adults
  • Works with children

Former teacher Owen Wong became an occupational therapist because he was tired of watching children who needed support at school fall behind socially and educationally.

“As a teacher in Malaysia, it was really tough seeing children in my class miss out because they couldn’t get individualised supports to improve their motor, cognitive, sensory processing, communication or play skills. It was frustrating. I felt helpless,” he recalls.

Now as an OT, Owen works with people of all ages, helping to improve daily living activities—from personal hygiene to eating, socialising and community access—safely and effectively.

“I love being an OT because we help our clients make the most out of their lives. A quote I have often heard when considering the differences between a physiotherapist and an OT is that a physiotherapist can help you up and stand, while an OT helps you dance!

“As an occupational therapist, it’s a joy to work with a client and see them gain the ability for tasks they want to do.”

Owen has gathered professional clinical experiences from hospital, transitional care and mental health clinic placements.

He also draws on insights gained as a disability support worker after studying OT at La Trobe University.

In his free time, Owen finds joy in baking cupcakes, the more chocolatey the better.