Page Schneider

A photo of Page who is an OT at Therapy Pro. Page smiles at the camera, wears glasses and long blonde hair.

Senior Occupational Therapist

Brisbane & Brisbane South

  • Aids and equipment assessments
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Works with adults
  • Works with children

At Therapy Pro, we’re excited to have Page Schneider as a senior occupational therapist on our team.

Page has positively impacted countless people’s lives, helping clients living with physical or intellectual disabilities do what’s important to them, with greater independence, safely.

“I’ve found success comes when as therapists, we slow down and tune in. I’ll really listen and hear why I’m in your life at this point and why achieving a particular goal is important to you now,” she says.

Page has seen the powerful impact correct prescription of assistive technologies, aids and equipment can make—from a wheelchair that is not only comfortable but also enables participation in meaningful activities to assistive communication technology enabling you to share a joke or be part of a rousing happy birthday chorus.

Chronic pain management is another area of interest, developed when working with children in Melbourne, putting in place strategies that stopped pain ruling their young lives.

Page, who has worked in hospital and community settings, is available to work with children, young people, and adults, and their support partners.

As an OT, Page carries out assessments of daily living and works on strategies to develop skills and independence, safely, based on your needs.

Areas covered may include developmental stages, sensory processing, mobility, goal setting, meal preparation, safe travel, personal hygiene, and recreational and community access.

Page is a University of Queensland graduate.


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