Paul O’Neal

A professional photo of Paul ONeal who wears a black suit and looks at the camera

Psychologist (provisional)


  • Anxiety and stress management support
  • Behavioural support and advice
  • Supports people with trauma
  • Works with adults
  • Works with children

Paul O’Neal started his working life as a motor mechanic apprentice, learning how to make cars run smoothly.

While he still enjoys sticking his head under the bonnet, Paul has devoted the best part of 30 years to easing the bumps out of people’s emotional lives.

Paul is both a qualified social worker and psychologist (provisional).

His social work years have covered many tough circumstances— from mental illness, disability and child safety to domestic violence homelessness and the upheavals that come when you are partnered to a member of the Australian Defence Force.

They’ve all left an imprint on the way Paul works with a client.

“Environmental, social and economic factors can all impact on how we feel and behave,” he says.

At Therapy Pro, Paul supports children and adults overcome personal difficulties and structural barriers so that they experience inclusion, involvement and independence in home, school, work, and community life.

Behavioural management plans, emotional regulation, grief and trauma counselling, coping strategies and social skill development are some of the areas in which he can help.

Paul has a particular interest in supporting clients who have comorbidity of intellectual disability and a mental illness.

“I will ask what the client needs. Let’s explore what the behaviour or the feeling is telling us about what you want and need.”

A lifelong learner, Paul’s academic qualifications in social work and psychology form a list almost as long as the alphabet and include a doctorate.


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