peaches is a therapy dog at therapy pro and wears a bandana to show she is working

Therapy Dog


  • Active sessions
  • Animal assisted therapy
  • Play-based approach

Peaches is a therapy dog and works with her dog mum and speech and language pathologist, Sophie.

Peaches is a 30kg Groodle – Golden Retriever cross standard Poodle. In winter, Peaches looks and feels like a woolly sheep with Snuffleupagus eyelashes. In summertime, with her fleece fully clipped, she likes to show off her long, lean giraffe legs. Peaches is not quite two years old, which makes her a very young adult in dog years.

Peaches and Sophie work as team to provide Animal Assisted Therapy. This means together they help people achieve their individual goals.

Peaches is very good at knowing that when she wears her therapy bandana, she is going to support people with their communication skills.

Peaches loves walks and therapy games and while she loves pats all over, she’s far too bouncy to be a lap dog. Peaches is actively involved in all her sessions, from hide and seek games that work on giving and follow directions, to learning about social communication and body language, to going on outings and helping her pals practice written or spoken stories and conversations about their adventures together.

For people who are dog lovers, Peaches takes on many roles in her sessions. She your non-judgmental practice buddy. You can make mistakes time and time again and still rely on her unconditional love. She’s your number fan and cheer squad and helps to motivate you to participate in therapy and often even look forward to your next session together. She’s a role model and can support you to build listening and play skills.

When Peaches is not working as a therapy dog, she loves to play outside and meet her friends to run in huge circles around the dog park.

To see what Peaches gets up to when she’s not doing therapy, you can check out her Instagram page: @peaches_slp_therapy_dog

a therapy dog and their dog mum sit together they make a great working team