Quyen Tran

An image of Quyen Tran a psychologist with Therapy Pro.

Psychologist (provisional)


  • Speaks Language/s Other Than English
  • Trauma
  • Works with adults
  • Works with children

Quyen Tran is excited to bring unique perspectives and insights to her role as a Therapy Pro psychologist (provisional).

A native speaker of Vietnamese, and fluent in English, Quyen believes she can help address a crying need in Melbourne for people with disability or their family members whose first language is Vietnamese.

She understands many other Asian cultures—Chinese, Korean, Malaysian, Thai—and hopes to also support members of those communities living with disability in Melbourne.

Quyen can help clients with psychological assessments and interventions, behavioural support and advice including writing and developing Positive Behaviour Support Plans, individual and family counselling and psychometric assessments.

“Communication can be a severe barrier to getting the right supports,” says Quyen who moved to Australia from Vietnam in 2013 to undertake her tertiary studies.

“It brings me great joy to know that I can help make it better for my clients, or at the very least, be there for them and with them.”

Talking and listening play important roles in her job.

So does imparting understanding—and Quyen, with her personal and professional experience with people from diverse backgrounds and communities, hopes people will feel comfortable sharing concerns related to culture, sexuality and gender identity with her.

Quyen gained her Bachelor of Psychological Science at the University of Adelaide and completed her Honours degree at Flinders University.

Her awareness of the importance of client-centred approaches to therapy developed while working as a volunteer Drug Arm caseworker.

“A lot of clients had mental health concerns as well as alcohol or drug addiction. Goal setting and planning appropriate interventions were important ways to bring about real changes to life.”