Rachel Orr

An image of OT Rachel who stands outside and smiles at the camera, she is happy to work at therapy pro

Occupational Therapist


  • Aids and Equipment Assessments
  • Functional capacity assessments and reports
  • Works with adults
  • Works with children

Have you ever noticed that tasks are harder to achieve and challenges seem even bigger when you’re feeling irritable, overwhelmed; uncomfortable even?

Therapy Pro occupational therapist Rachel Orr is experienced and devoted – in her calm, gentle way – to helping clients who want to better manage their emotions, body movements and behaviour so that they can better do the everyday activities they need and want to do.

Rachel turns to sensory modulation as a tool, assessing and then developing individually tailored ways to self-regulate: strategies and practices that can be fit into everyday routines.

More broadly, this occupational therapist can also support you achieve greater independence, safely, in daily living skills, mobility, leisure activities and community involvement through throughout assessments and tailored strategies and interventions which may include appropriately prescribed aids, equipment and assisted technologies or home modifications.

Rachel has particular experience supporting the mental health needs of people with psychosocial disabilities and dual diagnoses.

For her own sensory soothing, Rachel says nothing beats being surrounded by nature’s sounds and smells.

Rachel Orr was awarded her Masters in Occupational Therapy from University of Queensland in 2018.