Sahar Fattahi

An image of Sahar Fattahi provisional psychologist smiling at the camera with a grey suit jacket, folding her arms

Psychologist (provisional)

Brisbane & Brisbane South

  • Cognitive behaviour therapy
  • Support to navigate ADHD
  • Support with depression and emotions
  • Works with adults
  • Works with children

Forget about appearances or how you think the world wants to see you: embrace YOU!

Sahar Fattahi joins Therapy Pro as a skilled psychologist who works with children, adolescents and adults helping them overcome challenges and build resilience.

She has particular experience in working with neurodevelopmental disorders – such as autism, ADHD, and intellectual disability – as well as anxiety and mood disorders such as depression and bipolar

Sahar supports clients using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and mindfulness techniques to help regulate emotions and develop better coping strategies, especially when dealing with stress and anxiety.

“Textbooks stereotype conditions. What I know is that in the real world, presentations vary enormously, and I’ve become very good at seeing through masks that hide what’s really going on,” Sahar says.

“It’s so rewarding to be part of another’s journey in life through a crisis or struggle, overcoming challenges and growing strength, resilience and new skills to handle life.”

Journaling and mindfulness practices are two tools she personally uses.

Sahar practised in the Philippines and Iran before migrating to Australia.

Available to work with clients of all ages, Sahar can deliver counselling and psychological interventions in English, Persian, or Filipino ( Tagalog).

Sahar holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology.


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