Sallyann Murray

An image of Sallyann Murray, a speech and language pathologist in the Therapy Pro team

Senior Speech And Language Pathologist


  • Alternative Communication Technologies
  • Communication Challenges
  • Works with adults
  • Works with children

Sallyann Murray uses her skills as a speech and language pathologist to support meaningful outcomes for people with communication difficulties or dysphagia diagnosis.

Working in Ireland, London and Australia, Sallyann has experience in special needs schools, community settings, private clinics and disability services.

Speech and language pathologists like Sallyann, can develop communication systems or introduce communication devices, so children and adults can confidently navigate school, work or the home in a more independent and functional way.

Sallyann can assess feeding and swallowing difficulties and create mealtime plans and strategies, including training the people around the person, to help prepare food and drink safely.

Comfortable working with children who have an Autism or intellectual disability diagnosis, are nonverbal or high functioning, and children from non-English speaking backgrounds, Sallyann enjoys the liberation people can feel when they have success at meeting their goals.

Sallyann also has experience implementing strategies to enable school age children to develop appropriate social and pragmatic language skills, in order to achieve successful peer relationships and maintain friendships. This is something that she finds very rewarding.

As a mobile therapist, Sallyann works with people and their families, in their own environment and sees firsthand the benefits of realistic and functional therapy, and how it can really drive progress for the individual.

“Working on how to do something using real life situations, especially a task like ordering a meal at a café, can help to create further motivation and independence. You can see when people feel the progress themselves; it’s satisfying for both the client and me.”

Sallyann enjoys being in a multidisciplinary environment, where everyone can draw on the combined skills of the team. Sallyann believes this coordinated approach to therapy, which also includes drawing on the experience of family or carers, allows the individual to be supported in a holistic way as they navigate the steps forward, ultimately reaching their goals.

Sallyann loves being healthy, and rejuvenates by going for walks or playing tennis, but sometimes her sweet tooth gets the better of her, and she spends the weekends baking cakes or delicious banana bread.