Samantha Jones

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Psychologist (provisional)


  • Anxiety and stress management support
  • Behavioural support and advice
  • Emotional regulation and stress management
  • Support with addiction
  • Support with mental health
  • Supports people with trauma
  • Works with adults
  • Works with children

Former support worker and community mental health practitioner Samantha Jones joins Therapy Pro’s Toowoomba allied health team as a psychologist (provisional).

Sam’s previous years in community mental health have gifted her with hands-on practical understanding and experience supporting clients with complex needs and challenging behaviours.

Sam Jones is available to work with children, teenagers and adults, carrying out psychological assessments and delivering personalised therapeutic interventions.

As well as developing positive behavioural support plans, Sam can help clients work through frustrations, anxieties, stress, grief, depression, and other emotional issues.

She can help develop coping strategies, relaxation techniques and social skills.

“I’m here to lend an ear as we unpack what’s going on and make sense of what you’re experiencing.”

Her advanced psychology studies included research into perfectionism, something our Sam admits was a bit close to home and helped her further develop skills she uses and now enjoys sharing with others including meditation and reflection.

Samantha Jones gained her advanced graduate diploma from Monash University.



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