Sarah Pickup

An image of Sarah Pickup, speech and language pathologist with Therapy Pro

Speech And Language Pathologist


  • Swallowing Challenges
  • Works with adults
  • Works with children

Sarah Pickup sees her role as a speech and language pathologist as extending beyond direct support of a client whose communication is impacted by a disability.

She believes in supporting the ‘conversation partners’—family, friends, work colleagues and health professionals.

“Disability doesn’t affect just the person with the disability – it impacts everyone in that person’s circle,” Sarah says.

With that in mind, Sarah’s approach to therapy is ‘real world’: strategies and practices that suit lifestyle and can fit into regular daily activities.

Sarah’s work supports children and adults with speech, swallowing and communication challenges.

She can also prescribe technological aids to provide alternative non-verbal communication.

A graduate of La Trobe University, Sarah draws on professional experiences in Australia and Canada, including working with children with backgrounds of trauma who had communication and behaviour difficulties and a community-based aphasia clinic, working with adults recovering from stroke.

In Canada, she trained in the Supported Conversation for Adults with Aphasia method which is also useful for interacting with individuals with other communication challenges including hearing loss, or physical/cognitive/mental health conditions.

Working with Sarah, clients who ‘know more than they can say’ may well find themselves better expressing their opinions and feelings as part of life’s conversations.


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